Dora Marotta - Personal Shopper & Stylist in London

Hi, I am Dora

An Italian Personal Shopper and Stylist based in London


About me

Dora Marotta - Freelancer Personal Shopper & Stylist My name is Dora Marotta, I am an Italian personal shopper, a stylist, a fashion editor and a blogger based in London. I took a Master's degree in Communication and fashion and another one in Personal Shopper at the European Institute of Design in Madrid. I also attended a course in Fashion Media Styling at the London College of Fashion. I am an experienced professional in the fashion sector as I have been working for many years in the styling, personal shopping and communication field with excellent results.   Before moving to London, I worked as a personal shopper in Italy and Spain. I also worked as a fashion assistant for Vogue Spain and I contributed to different fashion magazines online and to Vogue Encyclo, a Vogue Italia project. As a personal shopper and a stylist I collaborated with different shops and I have experience in the wedding area.

You may wonder what a Personal Shopper does and why contact her.

The Personal Shopper is a new professional figure, born in the USA, which is spreading more and more in Europe. It is a qualified consultant who advises and guides clients on how to make the best purchase, in the most diverse fields, from fashion to technology. You will certainly have to have a closet full of clothes but you couldn't know what to wear, you could enter into yet another crisis before a wedding invitation for what clothes to wear, you may not have time to go shopping or to buy gifts , you may want to achieve a certain style but do not know how to do, you might want to change your look or to buy something that you loved and then leave in the closet because it does not fit you, or certainly it was not your colour. Everyone, in fact, has its own range of colours that helps or not, and that totally changes his/her image. In addition, if you are getting married you can rely on an expert to choose the perfect dress for the occasion. For all this, and even more, you can hire a Personal Shopper. In the section "services" you will find everything that I can do to help you in any situation. In my blog, in the "personal shopping section", you'll find advice on where and what to buy, and other tips. In my blog, you can also find more information about the personal shopper profession.

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